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Information of Japan New Car Assessment Program

Japan New Car Assessment: JNCAP is a joint project by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism: MLIT and National agency for Automotive Safety & Victims’ Aid:NASVA.

JNCAP aims for
- informing shopper of the safer cars and the safer child restraint system: CRS.
- promoting manufacturers to develope the safer cars and the safer CRS.
- popularizing the safer cars and the safer CRS.

JNCAP tests ,evaluates and publishes about
- car active safty performance
- car passive safety performance
- car automatic emergency call systems equipment
- child restraint system performance and usability

Vehicle Safety Performance 2020

Until 2019, Collision safety performance and Preventive safety performance were evaluated separately.

From 2020, by comprehensively evaluating these, we will provide information to vehicle users as "Vehicle Safety Performance" in an easy-to-understand manner.

The total score of Preventive safety performance and Collision safety performance determines the number of ★, and the larger the number of ★, the higher the overall safety performance. There are 5 stars from ★★★★★ to ★.

The total score of the preventive safety performance (out of 82 points), collision safety performance (out of 100 points), and accident automatic emergency call device (out of 8 points) is 190 points.

To earn ★★★★★,the required to have the highest evaluation (A rank) of Collision safety performance and Preventive safety performance, and to be equipped with an Automatic accident emergency call system.

Based on the traffic accident occurrence situation in Japan and the damage reduction effect of equipment and functions, the damage reduction effect for each evaluation item is scored.

Collision safety performance(100points out of 100)

Evaluation ResultsTotal Score for Collision Safety Performance
A Rank84.63 points or more
B Rank71.89 ~ 84.63
C Rank59.07 ~ 71.89
D Rank46.33 ~ 59.07
E RankUnder 46.33

Preventive safety performance(82points out of 82)

Evaluation ResultsTotal Score for Preventive Safety Performance
A Rank66.40 points or more
B Rank47.92 ~ 66.30
C Rank31.68 ~ 47.91
D Rank15.76 ~ 31.67
E RankUnder 15.75

Vehicle Safety Performance 2020

Evaluation ResultsTotal score of Collision safety performance and
Preventive safety performance
★★★★★151.03 points or more
★★★★119.81 - 151.02
★★★90.75 - 119.80
★★62.09 - 90.74
Under 62.09


New Car Assessment

Child Seat Assessment