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Efforts of JNCAP

Japan New Car Assessment Program (JNCAP) was started, operated by the National Agency for Automotive Safety and Victims' Aid, and vehicles collision safety performance evaluation has been conducted based on vehicle collision tests.

Since FY1995, Full wrap frontal collision tests and brake performance tests has been conducted.
Since FY1999, Side collision tests has been conducted.
Since FY 2000, Off-set frontal collision tests has been conducted and overall collision safety performance evaluation was started.
Since FY2001, Child seats assessment has been conducted.
Since FY 2003, Pedestrian head protection performance tests has been conducted.
Since FY2008, Vehicle with side curtain airbag has been evaluated for its deployment situation and effective range.
Since FY2009, Neck injury protection performance for rear-end collision test, Rear passenger protection evaluation for frontal collision test, Rear seatbelt usability evaluation test and Seatbelt reminder evaluation has been started.