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Seat Belt Reminder for Passengers Evaluation Test

Testing Methods

The Passenger Seat Belt Reminder (PSBR) is a device that notifies the driver and others when a passenger other than the driver is not wearing a seat belt. The objective is to reduce the number of deaths and injuries by seeking to increase the seat belt use rate among passengers other than the driver. The testing confirms the operating conditions of the PSBR (the alarm timing, the alarm duration, types of alarm and display location, etc.).

Passenger Seat Belt Reminder (PSBR) Evaluation

Evaluation Methods

Testing is carried out by checking whether requirements are met for the front and rear passenger seats.
The points are calculated from the difference between a visual alarm and auditory alarm for each seat.
The points for a certain seat of rear seats are calculated by dividing the point shown in below table by the number of rear seats.
The total score is used to perform evaluation on a five-level rating.

Main requirements
Type of alarm Visual alarm or auditory alarm
Start of alarm Front passenger seat Within 60seconds, within 500m, or at a speed of under 25km/h after the car is in motion
Rear passenger seat Depending on the specifications of the car manufacturer
Duration of alarm 30 seconds or more
Length of alarm intervals Must not be longer than 30 seconds
Alarm for change of status Emitting warnings immediately if the carʼs speed is faster than 25 km/h and seatbelts are not buckled

Interpretation of evaluation results

An evaluation out of 100 points is given from a total of points for whether or not seats are fitted with the device and evaluation for the front and rear passenger seats. In order to accurately differentiate between the evaluations of PSBR on different vehicles, with a top score of 100 points, Level 1 is under 45 points; Level 2 is 45 or more points and under 60; Level 3 is 60 or more points and under 75; Level 4 is 75 or more points and under 90 points; and Level 5 is 90 or more points.
For the New Overall Evaluation of Safety Performance, a score is shown from this test, calculated from a maximum of 8 points.


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