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Braking Performance Tests (Until FY2015)

Testing Methods (Until FY2015)

Braking performance is determined by the shortness of the distance in which a vehicle can stop and the stability of the vehicle at the time of braking.

This test is performed under wet and dry road conditions for a vehicle which has both a driver and a front passenger. The distance it takes for the vehicle to stop and the stability of the vehicle at the time of braking is evaluated for when the vehicle is stopped abruptly while traveling at a speed of 100km/h. The stopping distance and vehicle speed have been measured by using GPS since FY2009.

Because the temperature of the road surface affects thedistance it takes to stop the vehicle, this condition is alsospecified for this test (dry road surface temperature of 35.0±10.0 ºC, wet surface temperature of 27.0±5.0 ºC).

However,when it is not possible to maintain these conditions due tothe weather, this is noted in the test results.

Furthermore,because professional drivers are used in these experiments,the distance it takes to stop the vehicle may be shorter than when the vehicle is driven by the average driver.

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