Protect -For safety in case of emergency-

Rear-view monitoring system (Until FY2022)

Rear-view monitoring system projects rearward visual information when backing up onto an interior monitor (rear-view monitor).

Test Procedures / Evaluation method (Until FY2022)

A visual object (pole) similar in height to an infant is placed in an area prone to accidents involving children and is monitored on a monitor inside the vehicle(rear-view monitor).
Points are deducted if anything fails to meet the test requirements.

Visual Object Installation Positions
Visual Object Illustration

Image of monitor

Proximity field of vision
Distant field of vision

Adjacent field of vision
When the entire silhouette of the Visual Object is shown and Vision angle is 5.0’ or more


Rear-view monitor function is only assist system. Always be sure that you have physically checked behind the car before backing out of spaces.
There is a limit to the area that may be checked by the rear-view monitor.
Sometimes the distance perceived on the screen may differ from the actual distance, or objects may appear to be deformed. A clear image may not be obtained depending on the weather, the condition of the lens (adhesion of foreign matter or stains), and other factors.
Please read the device’s operating instructions carefully for safe driving.

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