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Pedal misapplication prevention

Acceleration control device for pedal misapplication has the function that when the acceleration pedal is strongly depressed, even though an obstacle exists in front or behind, an erroneous start is controlled or the danger of a collision is reported to the driver through an alarm sound or meter indication.

Test procedures (New for FY 2018)

To simulate the condition of misapplication between a brake pedal and an acceleration pedal, a test car is made to approach a simulated vehicle (target), and the acceleration pedal is quickly depressed from a stopped state. At this time, whether an abrupt start or sudden acceleration is controlled to prevent a collision or to reduce damage is investigated.
This test is conducted assuming two types of traffic environments: the case where a car is started in advancement condition with a vehicle in front, and the other case where a car is started in the retraction condition with a vehicle behind. Even when a collision was avoided or a collision occurred, the degree of a reduction in speed at the time of the collision is investigated, and points are awarded considering the avoidance or the degree of speed reduction.


It may happen that the acceleration control device for pedal misapplication gets activated reacting to a railroad crossing gate, etc., coming down at a railroad crossing.
The device is designed to be deactivated by continuing to depress the accelerator pedal so that the vehicle can exit the railroad crossing in such cases.
The conditions for activation of the device differ depending on the type of detection device and the type of the vehicle. Please check the instruction manual carefully, and be sure to drive safely without relying on the system.

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