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High-performance headlights

A high-performance headlight is a device equipped with a function that makes the irradiation range of the headlight change to a suitable one depending on the forward traffic conditions during nighttime driving.

Automatic antiglare headlight
Headlights that control the illumination range of high beams so that the headlights are not too bright for the driver of an oncoming car.
Automatic switching headlight
Headlight where the low beam and high beam automatically switch.

Test Procedures / Evaluation method (From FY2017)

Whether a car is equipped with automatic antiglare headlights or automatic switching headlights where the purpose is to make the irradiation range automatically change to a suitable one depending on the forward traffic condition during nighttime driving is investigated. Even when having the same function, higher points are given to the device that works at low speed.

Automatic antiglare headlights
Automatic switching headlights


The system sometimes does not normally work when an oncoming vehicle is suddenly recognized due to bad weather, dirty front glass, or a curved road.
Bear safe driving in mind after sufficiently understanding the operational manual before driving by relying on the system.

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