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Detail evaluation test

Evaluation method for frontal collision test

(Excellent) Product was given 4 marks(No marks)
(Good) Product was given 3 marks and 1 mark(No marks)
Product not falling into any of the other 3 ratings (Excellent, Good, Not recommended)
Product received an mark in any of the test areas.
This rating indicates that the product does not have the high level of safety here being determined, and does not mean that the product cannot be used. All products tested have the level of safety meeting relevant safety regulations.

* Impact shield type child seat (using vehicle seatbelt restrained both impact shield (restraining system to prevent ejection of child body in the occasion of crash) and child simultaneously), due to dummy chest and abdomen are received great deformation which is over measurement range, and some cases can not be measured pressure on abdomen properly. Due to this reason, we did not conduct overall evaluation of this type of CRS since 2003. In addition that evaluation method of chest deflection and evaluation method of pressures on the abdomen are not established evaluation methods, therefore, we did not conduct overall evaluation in 2009.

Evaluation items and evaluation method

For infant

For infant ( bed type)


Evaluation items

Evaluation items Point
Instruction manual, etc.
Instruction manual 1 Easy to understand all 12 contents Proppery translated into Japanese for imported CRS
2 Easiness and accuracy of ilustration Easily understood by ilustration
3 Description of attention and warning Easy to undserstand air bag warning, remarks
4 Usage explanations by size of children Explained by size
5 Confirmation method after installation Check points after installation is written
Package 6 Clearness of package description Targeted age, weight and stature etc. are written
Written on package
Contents 1 Clearness of installation method Indication of operation in the table
2 Description of attention and warning Easy to undserstand air bag warning, remarks
3 Clearness of warding Proppery translated into Japanese for CRS
4 Contact place regarding product Clealy indicates information of the contact place
5 Description of conformed regulation Easy to see descliption and location
Belt guide 6 Location of belt pass Clealy indicated
Safety mechanism of main body
Movable mechanism 1 Operation ability of reclining Certain and simple operation
2 Operation ability of rotation Certain and simple operation
3 Operation ability of support leg fixture Certain and simple operation
4 Operation ability of ISOFIX Certain operation
Seat cover 5 Easy mentenance Certain installation
Storage 6 Stored of user manual and attachment parts Exsisting of stored place and easy in and out
Belt routine 1 Belt routing F(foward facing) Easy to passing and not occure twisting
2 Belt routing R(reaward facing)
3 Belt routing Bed type
Securely fixing 4 Tightening of belt F(forward facing) Easily and cetainty tighten by a person
5 Tightening of belt R(rearward facing)
6 Tightening of belt Bed type
7 Easiness of belt fastening F( forward facing) Easy and certanty of fixing
8 Easiness of belt fastening R(rearward facing)
9 Easiness of belt fastening Bed type
10 Easiness of ISOFIX fixing F( forward facing)  
11 Easiness of ISOFIX fixing R(rearward facing)  
12 Easiness of ISOFIX fixing (Bed type)  
13 Judgment after installation F(forward facing) 5 minutes after starting installation loosen is judged
14 Judgment after installation R(rearward facing)
15 Judgment after installation Bed type
Easy to wear
Harness 1 Height adjustment Easy to find slot location and can easily adjust
2 Length adjustment Operation is simple and can certainly adjust
Buckle 3 Operation ability Can certainly lock with simple operation
4 Release ability Difficult for child to release
Placing in CRS 5 Time for completion Placing procedure of child is simple

CRS for universal ISOFIX is added as an evaluation item.

Indication method

Results are shown by radar chart.