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Outline of frontal collision test

evaluation method for infant

Evaluation Method

(Excellent) Product was given 4 marks(No marks)
(Good) Product was given 3 marks and 1 mark(No marks)
Product not falling into any of the other 3 ratings (Excellent, Good, Not recommended)
Product received an mark in any of the test areas.
This rating indicates that the product does not have the high level of safety here being determined, and does not mean that the product cannot be used. All products tested have the level of safety meeting relevant safety regulations.

* Impact shield type child seat (using vehicle seatbelt restrained both impact shield (restraining system to prevent ejection of child body in the occasion of crash) and child simultaneously), due to dummy chest and abdomen is received great deformation which is over measurement range, and some cases can not measure pressure on abdomen properly. Due to this reason, we did not conduct overall evaluation of this type of CRS since 2003. In addition that evaluation method of chest deflection and evaluation method of pressure on the abdomen are not established evaluation methods, therefore, we did not conduct overall Evaluation from 2009.

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