Function of safety devices and correct method of use


The operation and effects of the adjustable belt anchor

It is necessary to place the shoulder belt in the center of your shoulder. When the shoulder belt is applied to your neck or arm, there is a danger that it could have little effect, or worse, could cause serious injury. When your automobile is equipped with an adjustable belt anchor, you should adjust it correctly to place the belt in the center of the shoulder, matching the physique of the person sitting in the seat.

The operation and effects of the pretensioner

The seatbelt pretensioner is a device that serves to instantly wind and tighten the seatbelt in the event of a collision. This quickly restrains the forward movement of the upper body and increases the effectiveness of the seatbelt.

The operation and effects of the force (load) limiter

On impact, the seatbelt force (load) limiter maintains the level of restraint force applied by the seatbelt, then gradually loosens the seatbelt to alleviate the impact on the passenger's chest area.
When the model is also equipped with a seatbelt pretensioner, the seatbelt pretensioner first takes effect upon impact, followed by the activation of the seatbelt force (load) limiter.