Function of safety devices and correct method of use

Power brake assist device

The operation and effects of the power brake assist device

The brake power assist device increases the braking force by augmenting the force applied when stepping on the brakes when emergency braking or powerful braking is necessary. The device thus enables even those who may be unable to step on the brake forcefully to exert the same degree of braking power as stronger individuals during emergency braking.

1.Is the stopping distance reduced when a vehicle is equipped with a brake power assist device?

In general, the braking force is increased to that normally available when the driver forcefully depresses the pedal, and the stopping distance is thus not reduced further.

2.When does the brake power assist device actuate?

This varies according to the type of brake assist device installed in the vehicle.
However, in general it either actuates when the computer detects that emergency braking is taking place or when the driver strongly depresses the brake pedal.