Collision Safety Performance Tests

Flow of Assessment

Targeted vehicles are selected by the JNCAP steering committee (photo 1). The selection rules are that recent annual sales volumes of vehicle shall be in high ranking and its specification shall be most popular valiant among selected model. The test car shall be same as that normal user purchase from a vehicle dealer, therefore, NASVA staff does not inform his position and purchase the car at the dealer, then immediately after purchasing car, he marks on the car where is influenced to the test results (photo 2). In the case, it is impossible to purchase from the dearer, NASVA staff select at random at the production plant. After purchasing the car, car is transfer to the test institute, then conduct collision test (photo 3 shows side collision test) or pedestrian head protection performance test (photo 4).

Test vehicles are selected by the members of JNCAP steering committee.

After purchasing the car, a staff provided marking on the car.

A scene that experts are checking door latch locking situation after side collision.

A scene that experts confirm impacting points for pedestrian head protection performance test