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Advanced Safety Vehicle (ASV) Technology Put to Practical Use

Promotion of the development and spread of highly safe automobiles--loaded with safe driving support systems using advanced technology--is being done with the cooperation of industry, academia and the government.
Presently, Damage Mitigation Brake System, Lane Keep Assist and ACC are being commercialized.

Damage Mitigation Brake System (Forward Collision Damage Mitigation Braking Control System)

There is the radar to detect obstacles ahead, warnings to drivers to avoid obstacles in the case that a collision may occur, and in addition, in the case when collision with an object is judged to be unavoidable, an automatic breaking system to reduce injuries.

Lane Keep Assist (Lane-keeping Assistance System)

A camera recognizes the traffic lanes ahead and supports to reduce necessary steering wheel handling by maintaining a straight line when driving out a lane on a highway.

All speed ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control System with Brake Control)

The radar observes ahead, and while maintaining the speed set by the driver, maintains an appropriate distance from a slower vehicle ahead.