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Outline of Japan New Car Assessment Program

The number of traffic fatalities in 2009 is decreased for the ninth consecutive year to 4,914, in the 4,000s for the first time in 57 years since 1952. In addition, the number of traffic accidents and traffic injuries are also decreased for the fifth straight year. Unfortunately, the total number of traffic accidents still remains approximately 700,000 cases, and the number of traffic injuries records over 900,000. The situation regarding traffic accidents continues to be severe. In view of such an alarming situation, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the National Agency for Automotive Safety & Victims' Aid have taken measures for safety, one of which is to assess commercially available vehicles through a variety of safety performance tests and release the resulting information compiled into the "New Car Assessment Program."
The objective of Japan New Car Assessment Program is to increase the use of safe automobiles by providing an environment in which users can easily select such vehicles.
This also promotes the development of safer vehicles by automobile manufacturers.
Neck injury protection for rear-end collision performance test , rear seat passenger's protection for frontal collision performance test, rear passenger's seat belt usability evaluation test and seat belt reminder for passengers evaluation test are started in FY2009. The results of those tests are also included in this brochure.
The Japan New Car Assessment Program also includes child seat safety performancecomparison tests. (frontal collision and usability)
We hope that this guidebook will prove to be a valuable resource to consumers.